Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crisis (poem)

CrisisBy Kimberly A. Brock Copyright© 2009
I’m writing this to tell you I care about you.
I write as a warning life is but a whisper as soon as it’s over it can’t be reversed.
The choice you make now can determine an early meeting with a hearse.
Since birth, we are born into wrong doing.
Deceived its right confuses winning with loosing.
I write to tell you your life is in danger.
I tried to help but you defended your deception in anger.
There’s no way to make a wrong thing right. Continue?
You’re Hope/Future is out of sight.
It gets worse from here unless you want to make a choice.
You’re too stubborn to listen sometimes; deception is in your own voice.
You say you’re Gods child.
His ways are stable, not wild.
His purpose is able not reluctant like a child.
His truth is valuable not foul.It only get’s worse from here, no matter what excuse you make. People loose their house over this and jobs then, they start to take from other people to get that Alcoholic break.
Maybe I care too much.
Maybe I’m out of line but, if I’m right look me up I’ll be doing better. Progress takes time.If you don’t stop you’re going to die, you know about my dad.
The sadness in my voice when I recollect the past.
You don’t know the anger inside at the way he treated his life.
Tell me you’re alright.
Tell me you have control.
Tell me you can stop because this thing soon gets old.
Nobody likes to be around drunks.
That’s why they wonder the streets.
I’m afraid if I stay you’ll start hitting & beating me like the man that hit his girlfriend.
You lived with them, remember?Is that you? Will that be your pride? You were wrong yet in your explanation you tried to hide your own misery.
I’ve been through this and been drunk stupid and embarrassed myself.
I can’t believe you don’t think how you acted should be put on a shelf and left to collect dust.
I can write until this pen gets rusty and useless.
Think for once where you are headed.
The road to success is in the other direction.
I pray to God He will bring you to an intersection and shows you a route.
With all the insurmountable mistakes life is death with out Him.