Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sometimes I don't think God is listening to me

When i pray i always believe that God will answer my prayers but sometimes I will ask him for or about something and I don't get a response, then I'll figure "well maybe he didn't hear me or isn't listening" and I'll repeat myself. Most recently I prayed about something very basic, for God to bless me. Now I think that's  the prayer most if not all people ask whether or not they are in right standing with God. There isn't a specific positioning you have to have when you pray.  I was taught growing up that one of the only ways God will answer you is on your knees.  Not true, if we desire His voice He will speak to us when and wherever and because we believe in the power of His communication, we'll act according to His word.  

When I asked God to bless me, I also asked what the difference between my prayer that night and some of the other times I've asked Him to bless me because I could feel His presence near to me. He told me, "this time you're sincere"  which was quite true.  A lot of my prayers were hasty and I prayed because I wanted something to hurry up and come to flourish-on which sometimes God will act immediately but most often we have to exercise a spirit of patience for what God wants us to have.  Out of my sincerity I've seen an act of God supplying my needs. And as life progresses He will show me more things that will increase my trust in Him. 

It is very difficult to trust God and be patient for things when we live in a "now" society and a "no? not an option"  society.  But  for the believer; our citizenship is in Heaven and we walk according to the Holy Spirit of God. Let's trust and believe the good intentions that He has for our life.

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