Sunday, October 31, 2010


Stop begging for my money/
Stop telling me God will make away, make my problems go away 
if I make you rich
Hell no, I'm not fool!/
I'm no mule/
I better hear bells and see fire from the clouds/
And what about these doctrines?/
trying to edify, when you're really destroying the tower
contaminating the temples of God
robbing,  em' blind 
while they fall to the floor  & die, waiting for the blessings

yall should be ashamed
and I would name names BUT what's the point 
alls I know is I'm clenching & clutching my last Dollar in your Congregation

I resigned from the need to be so blund and bold
but you liars brought me back from the somber quiet mode
Lullin' folks to hypnosis w/ your good God promises.
He shall not lie
His wrath is poured out on ALL ungodliness and wicked workers' iniquity

Or you'll spend eternity wishin' you did/
wishin you listened to the Holy Spirit/

All this held frustration
I'm trembling as I make this pen's acquaintance with paper/
I'm affiliated with my Maker /
I write gloriously only for his approval and glory,
Who else would I  seek to praise
Name 1 artist worth more than the Lord?
name 1 Minaj track crazy enough to contend with the Lord's power
yup, there's aint none 

The clock is slowing down
your soul is being held hostange
the devi's finger is on the trigger
ready to pull it so if you know what the word says
why do you continue to linger in the middle 
withcha soul under the cup of His wrath?
Unforgiven of you sins 
Scraping for the temporal riches, can you say your soul is worth what's perishable anyway?
Jesus' body hanging on the cross for your Soul surpasses the dollars value you anyday
that's it. that's all.

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