Sunday, November 28, 2010


November 26, 2010

for the last couple of hours this evening my mind has been on "forgiveness". Not its definition but my experience on the road of forgiveness.  Do we realize how essential forgiveness is? And the reality that if we do not forgive those who offended us, whoever they are, God will not, I repeat WILL NOT forgive us?

Through out the bible there are many stories of forgiveness and acceptance after a sin has been committed against another.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, and suffered many years because of their betrayal.  But the Lord had given Him favor & power in the Land.  Joseph could have been arrogant and prideful & not forgiving of his brothers but not only did he forgive them but also invited them to eat in his palace.  

I truly believe that God wants this type if not deeper forgiveness from us.  Whatever is done to us, we must forgive.  WE MUST FORGIVE..  

If someone in the church; a member or someone in leadership has hurt you, you MUST FORGIVE  them. You don't really have an option, well you do the second option would be to spend eternity in hell for not repenting of un-forgiveness.  If a preacher told you lies and taught false doctrine,  YOU MUST FORGIVE THEM. You heart must be clean before the Lord.  You will not be pardoned to make excuses on judgement day as to why you would not forgive your brother or sister when they hurt you.

It's sad when some people don't realize they have un-forgivness.  But a good relationship with the Lord will cause the Holy Spirit to bring up things in us that need healing. Issues with un-forgivness will be  something that God will bring up and reveal to us that we need to clean that out of our hearts.   
Here's some signs of unforgivness & tools to help you if you think that you are harboring un-forgiveness;
1.  Do you manifest when you think about the person or situation (facial expressions [i.e. frown], saying evil words  to yourself, thinking evil thoughts, slandering the person that hurt you)
2.  Repeatedly talking about how the person hurt you, rehearsing the moment they hurt you over and over again? 
3.  Responding negatively at the sound of the persons name  ? 
4.  treating  others wrongly when you think they may hurt you like the person you have un-forgiveness for has ? 

If you feel this way about ANYONE , even if you feel this way about the Lord.  Ask Him to examine your heart and show you in his word his thoughts and feelings toward forgiveness.  God is  the Lord of healing and restoration.  He does not want us to be broken and battered vessels.  he wants us repaired and strong enough to hold the oil of His anointing.  He is able to heal set free and deliver us. Trust in Him. Seek Him. Believe Him

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