Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Narrow Paths

Consider this; every instruction that God gives is for a devine reason.
He generously gives us work to do in times & seasons.
Until He comes back to this earth for those that cleaned out their house-hold
If it's dirty unstable in Heaven your out cold.
Allowing evil to over throw your mind moments feeling God abandoned you.
With His disciples He proved to be FOREVER faithful. HIS healing WILL provide for you a new life.
Remaining calm you don't have to fight because, the battle is won in eternity.
He will reveal Himself to you early if you call his name.
Unwrap your heart to be set apart from this dark-ness.
It IS necessary to God that He finished what He started.
IN YOU....a brick of offense pressed against your already
""ripped to bits heart"".
While the preacher played the organ, shamefully you called on His name "God, I love thee", while the deeper areas of your mind cried, "but. ..I am still painfully angry."
"I need to get over this though, I wish; this shady pastor I can over throw, and blow up the scene with my style of ministry, rebellous but, hopefully it'll reach hurting people like me.
Claiming to be of God but holding unforgiveness inside and using it to fuel this thing.
Deceived in darkness our own ambitions of power we will full fill by using God's name to gain a gathering, a following of the spritually unconscience.
Satan uses your offended, jacked up heart to carry out his plan of deception and perversion of Gods Basic Instructions before leaving this earth.
To fool millions of people .
God does work potent and mysteriously, but He will not tell his ministeres to engage in silly sin-ful things.

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