Sunday, June 14, 2009


by Kimberly Andrea Brock {Copyright 2009}

Practicing this process against a Christians belief system. ~
Men are informed by scientist that God is a mere figment.~
An instrument used to cope with issues of human existence~
"Opposition or contrariety to the Christian religion"~
Enmity for what we believe in? ~ or is it fear?
Someone once said, "You can't trust someone you don't know, Gods ways are mysterious."~
If that is entirely, "faith" is ridiculous. ~
As the substance of things hoped for
& the evidence of things not seen~
we trust the ways of God are substantial
& reach beyond our belief. ~
Yet His infinite wisdom keeps them under subjection, rightly divided through His Word of Truth.
His inward & exterior is glorious~
& contrary to what the majority has settled in, His plans for us are enormous~
Tel-e-vision tells of ignorant wisdom.
Movies tell of unbelievable living.
That perfect life is man created inescapable once you're in it,
a vortex of disappointments, drugs, alcohol and loveless sex.
Institutionalized sin keeps us infected slaves. ~
Gods Word provides a settlement for these ways within its page(s). ~
I'm confident in Gods persuasion. ~
If God were to grace the "Main Stage" I could see Him pointing @ the worst of men to get saved
and their disappointment at the way they perceived Him.
I can imagine God saying "I love you"~ with out executing judgment. We so rightfully deserve but God is merciful~
I'm praying for our unbelief.

I came across this word when i was searching for a topic to write on. I had never seen that word before so i searched it's meaning. With this poem I tried a little of my intellect. I know that I can be more versitile but it takes a strong effort and prayer to retain what I'm learning. Hope you folks enjoy.

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