Friday, July 31, 2009

Stand , Mighty Man (Poem)

Stand, Mighty Man, your future is at hand
Stand, Mighty Man, in Gods image you have been created to grace His land
Stand, Mighty Man, life is hard and Gods plans are greater than you can dream
Stand, Mighty Man, the world is at your feet
No weight is so heavy as it is for a man to be accomplished
Indulgence in emptiness forfeits a childhood wish
And dreams die, God tries to resurrect the loss
Living then dying sometimes is only what life seems to be
The past haunts us men and women
What we might have become if we would have pursued....
this or that dream?
This or that man/women? This or that career?
That past is usually forgotten and thrown in the sea
What do we think of the things we had opportunities to do
and let doubt reclaim it's place in our minds
The power of a Mighty Man is in his hands and in his mind
Men lead the free world and are the most creative of our time
Where do you fit among the crowd Mighty Man
Stand, your among them.
Bad things occur and the world moves on...
a learning curb is born in experience and groomed in hope
of a better tomorrow matured in endurance and finally...
making your way to the adventure meant for you
Stand Mighty Man, God makes a way
Stand Mighty Man, He is a father and hopeful for you

for every dad, brother, son, uncle, cousin

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