Friday, July 31, 2009

a work still progressing (poem)

And God called His sons & daughters
into communion, a union of one
As a body, the head being Christ the
son, of men, who sacrificed life & limb
A result of this, let our new lives
begin as a unified body absent of sin,

We are plagued with iniquity, sin
age of self consumption pulling
away from his grip
His truth remains a stumbling stone & a rock
of offense even in this age where God
rarely exists in seriousness, conversation & understanding
His way, the body may as well be decayed
Most are on their Heaven that
is, in their minds..a slave to escapism
God commanded us to relay His message
speak at least an encouraging word
At least a handshake or smile, you still
occupy this earth

I want heaven as my home too & I understand
the hurt & pain but, is you family a concern? Friends?
Foes? A stranger? , A Child? remember who ministered
to you when your soul was in danger
God forgives sin and creates you a new
the gospel is a traveling message
never meant to be concealed and kept
hidden, Who did you avoid giving this message to?

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