Saturday, September 12, 2009

cut me deep (poem)

this world provides a life like
life is a lonesome dove one step above
existence progresses and hell raises her
tidal waves./
redemption is a way of escape and a moment
given to save face./
we don't seek for it instead finding
malignity in the simple things
complicate a rich gift forfeiting your
goals in it's midst.
oh well, find you way in this
great tunnel evolving into a maze/
changing making you race/ and ending
in you hating the face/ in the mirror
oh hell has widened her mouth to meet and
greet us swiftly/ and the desire of the devil
is to sift/ me as wheat scattered among
the many i blamed for my choices
I'm crafty, i point my finger back at
my foes/
and with my dark curses i deliver the lowest
Oh God how did i become so cold/
and cruel unforgiving endlessly
my end is becoming exposed,/
i'm roasted and hoisted up to
the prince of the air.
All my prayers and declarations to the King/
won't stop him from increasing his attack on my
dreams/, my life is in his range of view/...painfully true/
is it because i refused most of my life to serve you
I can't do it...if God didn't rule this earth who would do it..
man by all means is incapable...emotional haste; inescapable
God coached me/ Jesus settled as the balance beam/, I mean to say
the balance between us (me and God)
bigger than all things material
this whole world rises and falls based on what's lawful in the spiritual/
realm of all things created.

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