Sunday, September 13, 2009

tragic (poem)

Religion is the bitter pill we hate but, we swallow it for whatever reason/
Gods way of saying, yup I made you in goodness but I didn't say easy livin
it's His freedom/ that catch us by the hand and squezes it when we learn Hard Lessons/
Jesus came to bless us/
The devil planted his seed, making love to the earth God created, creating waves of iniquity
The results disgusting...humanity: The Human Emergency..the mind of man evolving into insanity
Are you sad now? Worried, upset? ...he (satan) can't be trusted.
get your mind over what's the matter materially, sexually and physically and on seeking reality dumbed down Gods face towards you and yours, down.
"men loved darkness rather than light and evil rather than good things? Tragedy.

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