Saturday, September 5, 2009

Power in Realization

God is very gracious and merciful to us. As we get ourselves intertwined in the wrong situations and then leave hurt, or confused God is there to comfort us and give us clarity. It's never good to dwell on the past but reflection brings closure, forgiveness and understanding. I found it when i asked my father why he did not raise me. His answer allowed me to forgive him not because i liked what he said but because he was man enough to admit to his mistake which I always find to be very courageous and upstanding for anyone to do man or woman. We carry a sense of pride with us unwilling to admit to our faults and find the freedom that dwells in honesty. Life has that tendency to break us up into pieces leaving us scattered emotionally and in our everyday doings...not so, says the Lord He wants us complete and whole for His good purpose for our lives. If you're His child accept your faults and ask God for His guidance and help.

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